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Want to keep Canada safe? Give more money to Ukraine

Updated: May 27

If unstopped by Ukraine, Russia will march into a NATO member country forcing Canada to war as Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty provides that an attack on any NATO member country shall be considered as an attack against all of them, including Canada.

According to the Ukraine Support Tracker of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, a German research institute, Canada’s military aid to Ukraine was about $2.86 billion between Jan. 24, 2022 and Feb. 29 of this year.

This positions Canada in 9th place among countries that allocated military aid to Ukraine, behind the United States ($64 billion), Germany ($14.9 billion), United Kingdom ($7.8 billion), Denmark ($7.1 billion), the Netherlands ($5.7 billion), Poland ($4.5 billion), Sweden ($4.1 billion) and France ($4 billion).

Among those countries, half (the United States, Germany, United Kingdom and France) rank ahead of Canada in terms of their GDP, and the other half, behind Canada.

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where this article appeared under a different title: “Canada’s Safety Depends on Ukraine.”

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