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Eugene Czolij: It’s time to stop Russia

Updated: Sep 3, 2022


Photo: Getty Images, published on The Kyiv Independent

After suffering five months of the worst devastation in Europe since the Second World War and defending their homeland with a determination that has gained admiration the world over, many Ukrainians are surely asking themselves the following disturbing questions and wondering when Western leaders will finally decide unequivocally that enough is enough and take, without delay, all the necessary steps to help Ukraine win the unprovoked all-out war that Russia launched against it on 24 February 2022:

How many more heinous acts of genocide (as recognized by the Parliaments of Canada, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Republic of Ireland and Ukraine) must be committed by Russia against the Ukrainian people?

How many more tears must be shed by Ukrainian parents when burying their children, such as 4-year old Liza Dmytriyeva, killed in a Russian air strike while pushing her doll stroller during a leisurely walk in the park with her mother in Vinnytsia?





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