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2022’s daunting year-end questions

Updated: Jan 6

Eugene Czolij

The Kyiv Independent

NATO member countries and Israel have the weapons to enable Ukraine to impose a no-fly zone and stop a genocide, which would create a substantially better and safer world.

So why have they still not delivered those weapons to Ukraine?

Why is Germany willing to send its Patriot missile defense system to Poland but not to Ukraine, even though Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak asked that it be sent to Ukraine to ensure that both Poland and Ukraine are protected?

Why is the Pentagon still not sending its Patriot missile defense systems to Ukraine, even though U.S. President Joe Biden stated eight months ago, on April 12, 2022, that Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine?

Why is Israel not delivering its Iron Dome missile defense system to Ukraine, even though its enemy, Iran, is supplying Russia with attack drones and benefiting from real battlefield testing of this hardware in Ukraine that could then be used against Israel?





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